What is electric shock? Give first aid treatment.

This happens when a person comes in contact with a defective electrical instrument live naked electrical wires or devices or atmospheric electricity as in lightning. The extent of tissue damage may vary with the type and strength of current and length of contact etc.
In case of D.C. (direct current) shock, the patient remains stuck to the source of electricity until the current is broken, hence the damage is large. In case of A.C.(alternate current) shock, the patient is thrown away from the source of electricity and the damage is less but there may be physical injury.
In both cases the damage may vary from a mild injury to severe burns, paralysiş of breathing and heart damage. The heat produce during passage of the current through the body causes deep bume Damp clothing and footwear, damp ground, working on metallic stoor which is a good conductor of electricity aggravates the damage.


  1. Switch off the electric current and remove the plug from the socket.
    Separate the victim from the source of current with a long wooden stick or any other nonconductor of electricity.
  2. current is never try to separate the victim with naked hands or bare-footed.
  3. If necessary give artificial respiration and cardiac massage.
  4. If need arises shift the patient to a hospital as early as possible.
  5. Keep his body warm by covering with a blanket.
  6. Treat shock if present.
  7. Treat burns

Some mark on medicine, Red line, Rx, NRx, XRx

When you buy medicine from medical Shop then you can see some mark on it.
1. Red line mark
The red line mark is available on the medicine which you can buy only through doctor prescription. No one medical Shop owner can give you that medicine without a prescription slip. These medicine have some Powerful side effects.

2. Rx mark
When you buy medicine from a medical Shop then you can see Rx written on it.It means you can use this medicine only according to doctors’ advice. 

3. NRx mark
NRx mark is available on those medicines which have narcotic action. For selling this type of medicine, you should have a license of selling narcotic medicine.

4. XRx mark
XRx medecine are those medecine, which are transferred directly from doctor to patients. You can’t buy this type of medicine from a medical shop.


Why do cricketers use white cream on their faces?

You will often see cricketers, you will notice that they use white cream on their faces. So today we know about this white cream.
The white cream is zinc oxide, which protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV, UVA and UVB rays.

The cream formed a strong protective layer and also protect from heat and burn.  Cricketers play continuously 6 to 8 hours in direct sunlight so they use cream on the whole face.


What is I.V cannula? Types and color coding

An intravenous (IV) cannula is a tube which is placed into one of your veins and it is very small, flexible.
There are many types of I.V Cannula and they are used in different situations. So let’s know about them.
But before you should know that they are measured in gauge. If gauge number is more than the needle is thin or vice versa.

Types of I.V cannula

1. 14G cannula

Color – Orange
Flow rate – 250 to 300 ml/min
Length – 45mm
External diameter – 2.1mm
Uses – It is used for adolescent and adult major surgery and trauma. It is also used for infusion of large amounts of fluids or colloids.

2. 16G cannula

Color – Grey
Flow rate – 150 to 240 ml/min
Length – 45mm
External diameter – 1.8mm
Uses – It is used for adolescent and adult major surgery and trauma. It is also used for infusion of large amount of fluids or colloids.

3. 18G cannula

Color – Green
Flow rate – 100 to 120 ml/min
Length – 45mm
External diameter – 1.3mmUses – It is used for adolescent and adult major surgery and trauma. It is also used for infusion of large amount of fluids or colloids.

4. 20G cannula

Color – Pink
Flow rate – 55 to 80 ml/min
Length – 32mm
External diameter – 1.1mm
Uses – It is used for elder children, adolescents and adults. It is ideal for I.V. infusion and blood infusion. It is also used for medication administration and emergency management.

5. 22G cannula
Color – Blue
Flow rate – 22 to 50 ml/min
Length – 25mm
External diameter – 0.9mmUses – It is for elder children, adolescent and elderly adults. It is I.V. infusion with moderate flow rates. It is also used for medication administration.

6. 24G cannula

Color – Yellow
Flow rate – 23 ml/min
Length – 19mm
External diameter – 0.7Uses – It is used for infants, toddlers, older children. In major surgery and trauma among children. It can administer fluids and medication.

7. 26G cannula

Color – Purple
Flow rate – 10 to 15 ml/min
Length – 19mm
External diameter – 0.6mm
Uses – It is used for neonate, infant and elderly adults. It is suitable for infusion but the infusion rate is low.


What is burn? Types of burn, and treatment

Burning is the main problem in the modern era. Electricity, chemicals, or fire can be common causes of body burns. Hot liquids are considered the most common cause of children’s burns. 

Types of burn

There are the following three types of burn .

First-degree burn 

It only affects the upper surface of your skin (epidermis). This makes the skin red and you feel pain in the affected area.  
First aid is used for its treatment and it may take from a few days to weeks to recover.  

 Second-degree burn 

It also affects the upper and other surfaces of your skin. This makes your skin red, the affected area feels swollen and painful. This type of burn is often seen as soft or wet. There are blisters on your skin, in which you may also have extreme pain.  
You can use any burn heal cream which is combination of silver nitrate salt or any other salt.

 Third-degree burn

The burns that reach the layer below the second surface in the skin are called third-degree burns.  
In this burn case contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Some prevention of burn

  • Always wear loose clothes. So that if burning occurs on clothes then you get off clothes as soon as possible.
  • If burning occurs then fold the person from the blanket.

Why do our fingers and toes wrinkles in water?

Have you ever seen when your hands or feet are in water from too much time the wrinkles appear on fingers and toes.

So today we know scientifically why wrinkles appear on fingers and toes in water.

According to scientists the wrinkles appear on hand and toes in water to increase gripping. So that friction is increased in water.

The process of wrinkling starts from hands or feet. When hands or feet are in the water for too much time they start absorbing water and send messages to the brain. So the flow of blood decreases in that area and wrinkles appear.


Why do actors and actresses skin glow in old age also?

The skin of actors and actresses glow in old age also because of the use of the botox injections.

Botox is a protein made from Clostridium botulinum. Botox is used to enhance the beauty of muscles and skin. Botox is given for a specific purpose. Due to the chemical, it releases any type of blockage. Generally movies actors and actresses use this to prevent wrinkles or lines. Due to botox injections their skins glow in old age.

Also prevents wrinkles from coming early, helps you keep young. You can take it after 20 years. Botox is a good treatment for premature wrinkles or lines on your face due to old age.

Side effects of botox

Botox contains toxin and when toxin is applied in the muscle or muscle area, there is a fear of spreading it to other parts of the body as well. The most dangerous side effect of Botox is haddock. There is a risk of influenza syndrome along with breathing problems. There may be side effects like weakening of the nose, redness on the face and pain in the face.


RO is beneficial or not?

RO removes everything and in the end what is left is pure liquid water, which contains no chemicals, minerals, pollutants and There is no TDS (total dissolved solids).

According to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, TDS displays concentrations of total things dissolved in water. TDS is made of inorganic salts, as well as a very small amount of organic matter. Water usually contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates.

The necessary minerals of the body are also removed from the water, so drinking such water for a long time can affect health.

How can control tds of water?
Now talking about TDS, many new water purification models with RO systems have TDS controller, with the help of which you can control the level of TDS according to your health needs.

If a person is deficient in calcium, they can set the TDS level in such a way that there is less calcium filter than water so that it gets clean but calcium-rich water.

Natural method to purify water
You can purify water by boiling process, In this method all harmful bacteria, chemicals are removed easily and mineral remains as well as.


What will happen if we swallow Chewing gum

In old days the Chewing obtained from chicle tree and now days it is obtained from rubber.

If you swallow chewing gum by mistake, do not panic nor get upset. Because it is digested like other foods, but it takes a little longer to digest. Actually our digestive system contains acids and enzymes which help to digest chewing gum.

As we know that normal food is digested within few hours after eating. But when you swallow chewing gum, it is not easily digested like normal food in a few hours, but it takes two to three days to digest. This is because not everyone’s digestive system is the same, so it is digested in some stomach in two days and it can take three days to digest it.

So if you or the child accidentally swallowed chewing gum, don’t worry, it will go out on its own. You can also seek medical advice to know about it in detail.

But if you swallow more Chewing gum at the same time then it can block your stomach and can create problems in your body.