Some mark on medicine, Red line, Rx, NRx, XRx

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When you buy medicine from medical Shop then you can see some mark on it.
1. Red line mark
The red line mark is available on the medicine which you can buy only through doctor prescription. No one medical Shop owner can give you that medicine without a prescription slip. These medicine have some Powerful side effects.

2. Rx mark
When you buy medicine from a medical Shop then you can see Rx written on it.It means you can use this medicine only according to doctors’ advice. 

3. NRx mark
NRx mark is available on those medicines which have narcotic action. For selling this type of medicine, you should have a license of selling narcotic medicine.

4. XRx mark
XRx medecine are those medecine, which are transferred directly from doctor to patients. You can’t buy this type of medicine from a medical shop.