What is burn? Types of burn, and treatment

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Burning is the main problem in the modern era. Electricity, chemicals, or fire can be common causes of body burns. Hot liquids are considered the most common cause of children’s burns. 

Types of burn

There are the following three types of burn .

First-degree burn 

It only affects the upper surface of your skin (epidermis). This makes the skin red and you feel pain in the affected area.  
First aid is used for its treatment and it may take from a few days to weeks to recover.  

 Second-degree burn 

It also affects the upper and other surfaces of your skin. This makes your skin red, the affected area feels swollen and painful. This type of burn is often seen as soft or wet. There are blisters on your skin, in which you may also have extreme pain.  
You can use any burn heal cream which is combination of silver nitrate salt or any other salt.

 Third-degree burn

The burns that reach the layer below the second surface in the skin are called third-degree burns.  
In this burn case contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Some prevention of burn

  • Always wear loose clothes. So that if burning occurs on clothes then you get off clothes as soon as possible.
  • If burning occurs then fold the person from the blanket.