What is electric shock? Give first aid treatment.

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This happens when a person comes in contact with a defective electrical instrument live naked electrical wires or devices or atmospheric electricity as in lightning. The extent of tissue damage may vary with the type and strength of current and length of contact etc.
In case of D.C. (direct current) shock, the patient remains stuck to the source of electricity until the current is broken, hence the damage is large. In case of A.C.(alternate current) shock, the patient is thrown away from the source of electricity and the damage is less but there may be physical injury.
In both cases the damage may vary from a mild injury to severe burns, paralysiş of breathing and heart damage. The heat produce during passage of the current through the body causes deep bume Damp clothing and footwear, damp ground, working on metallic stoor which is a good conductor of electricity aggravates the damage.


  1. Switch off the electric current and remove the plug from the socket.
    Separate the victim from the source of current with a long wooden stick or any other nonconductor of electricity.
  2. current is never try to separate the victim with naked hands or bare-footed.
  3. If necessary give artificial respiration and cardiac massage.
  4. If need arises shift the patient to a hospital as early as possible.
  5. Keep his body warm by covering with a blanket.
  6. Treat shock if present.
  7. Treat burns