What will happen if we swallow Chewing gum

In old days the Chewing obtained from chicle tree and now days it is obtained from rubber.

If you swallow chewing gum by mistake, do not panic nor get upset. Because it is digested like other foods, but it takes a little longer to digest. Actually our digestive system contains acids and enzymes which help to digest chewing gum.

As we know that normal food is digested within few hours after eating. But when you swallow chewing gum, it is not easily digested like normal food in a few hours, but it takes two to three days to digest. This is because not everyone’s digestive system is the same, so it is digested in some stomach in two days and it can take three days to digest it.

So if you or the child accidentally swallowed chewing gum, don’t worry, it will go out on its own. You can also seek medical advice to know about it in detail.

But if you swallow more Chewing gum at the same time then it can block your stomach and can create problems in your body.