Benefits of black pepper

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Biological source – Piper Nigrum
Family – Piperaceae

1 – Beneficial in weakness of eye

Take black pepper powder along with ghee and sugar and make a paste. And take it every day 1 spoon in morning. It is beneficial in weakness of eye.

2 – Beneficial for arthritis patient

Take black pepper powder and mixed it with sesame oil and apply at pain. It is beneficial for arthritis patient.

3 – Beneficial in dry cough

Take black pepper and mix with sugar and take it by sucking is beneficial in dry cough.

4 – Beneficial in acidity

Take 1 glass water with 1/4 spoon black pepper and add one lemon juice and mixed them with each other and take it when you feel acidity. It is beneficial in acidity.

5 – Beneficial in stomach pain

Take black pepper with hing and saunf and boil them in water and take 1 spoon in stomach pain. It is beneficial in stomach pain.