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Turmeric benefits and side effects

Biological source – Curcuma longa
Family – Zingiberaceae

1 – Used for skin problems

Turmeric is beneficial for many skin related problems. you can use turmeric paste to improve your skin.  The use of turmeric is considered to be very beneficial especially after breast cancer surgery, because after that there is an allergy on the skin of the whole body. You can also use aloe vera and coriander in skin problems.

2 – Helpful in oral health.

Turmeric has antibacterial activity.  For this reason, when you consume turmeric, it actively acts to kill bacteria present in the mouth and can prove to be very helpful in oral health.

3 – Work as a painkiller

Many people suffer from knee disease and this is the reason why they are often advised to eat turmeric or apply it on the knees.  It is said that because turmeric has the quality of pen killer which works actively in relieving pain in the body

4 – Relief from stress

Turmeric intake will also prove to be very beneficial to avoid insomnia problem.  Turmeric has the property of enhancing a hormone called melatonin.  Therefore, if you consume it, then you will get sleep quickly and you will feel stress free.

5 – Used in the treatment of diabetes

Consuming turmeric reduces the risk of diabetes and people who are suffering from diabetes also help in avoiding the risk due to it.  Therefore, people suffering from diabetes must consume turmeric regularly.

6 – Used as an anti-cancer

Turmeric is found to have anti-cancer activity which can prove to be very helpful in protecting against cancer.  Therefore, you must consume turmeric in your diet through some other food item. Fennel is also used in the treatment of cancer.

Some side effects of turmeric

1 – Abdominal pain

Turmeric is hot in nature so it can cause inflammation in stomach which results abdominal pain and cramps.

2 – Kidney problem

Oxalates are present in the turmeric so it can develop stones in the kidney.

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