Why Tulsi leaves are beneficial for us?

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Biological source – Ocimum sanctum 
Family – Labiatae.

Tulsi leaves are beneficial for us because it used to cure most of the disease.

1 – Beneficial in loose motion

Take some tulsi leaves is with honey and cumin powder and make paste. The paste is beneficial in loose motion.

2 – Beneficial in vomiting

Take some tulsi leaves and make juice along with zinger. Take juice whenever you feel like vomiting.

3 – Beneficial in fever

Tulsi leaves are beneficial in fever. Make kadha and use in fever.

4 – Beneficial in cough

Some tulsi leaves with ginger is beneficial in cough. Take it in every morning.

5 – Use in ear problems

Tulsi leaves along with camphor mix and lightly heat and put in ear problems.

Some side effects of tulsi

1 – Can low blood sugar levels

Tulsi can low blood sugar levels. And if a diabetes patient is already taking the medicine then the intake of tulsi leaves can make sugar level to fall too low.

2 – Can affect the health of a pregnant woman

Tulsi leaves can affect the health of a pregnant woman and her embryo.