Rules to open an online Pharmacy store in India

Today in this topic we know about how can we open a pharmacy store online in India. There are some rule to open a pharmacy store online.

  • It is mandatory for all online pharmacy players to get registered with the central government list.
  • Registration is allowed after every three years with some registration fee.
  • Medicines that pharmacies cannot sell such as narcotics and other psychotropic substances.
  • It is necessary to take prescription slips from customers.
    Make sure that medicine should be delivered after taking prescription slip. Prescription slip read carefully.

Why a big strip used for only one tablet?

You will have seen it at a medical shop. A big strip comes with only one tablet. Why is only one tablet available on it? Today we will know about it.

There are some reason 
1. The manufacturing cost of tablets is high. To save the tablet only one tablet pack in strips.
2. To provide all details of the tablet on strip the strip will be bigger in size.
3. These types of tablets are taken every week. So it is easy to learn.

What is the difference between abrasions and cuts?

Abrasion is an injury caused to the skin by forceful rubbing or Scraping. During this state there is a possibility of illing, contamination infection. The abrasions are very painful because the nerve endings are exposed.

First Aid Treatment

Clean the wound with antiseptic solution and remove all dirt particles and foreign particles attached to the injured area.
Apply an antiseptic solution and if necessary apply non-adherent dressing or sterile gauze.
Give an injection of tetanus toxoid.

These are caused by any sharp-edged article like knife, razor, blade, broken glass, sword, axe etc.

First Aid Treatment
1. Stop bleeding by applying pressure.
2. Apply antiseptic solution followed by non-adherent or sterile dressing.

why doctors are write Rx before anything on slip?

We often go to the doctor and when Dr. gives us prescription slip, we do not understand anything written on it. You already know that he can only understand a medical person. But if you have noticed, Doctors are write Rx before writing anything.
This means only a few people will know and we tell you about those who do not know. After this, whenever you get this slip next time, you will understand.

Rx means
1. Rx is formed by the combination of two alphabets R and X.
2. Here R means recipere which is a Latin word and recipere means to take.
3. Here X is belonging to god Zeus. Because the sign of Zeus God looks like X.
4. So the Rx means take medicine and pray to god.