Why do our fingers and toes wrinkles in water?

Have you ever seen when your hands or feet are in water from too much time the wrinkles appear on fingers and toes.

So today we know scientifically why wrinkles appear on fingers and toes in water.

According to scientists the wrinkles appear on hand and toes in water to increase gripping. So that friction is increased in water.

The process of wrinkling starts from hands or feet. When hands or feet are in the water for too much time they start absorbing water and send messages to the brain. So the flow of blood decreases in that area and wrinkles appear.

foreign body

What can do If foreign body is in the throat?

Foreign bodies can enters in the nose, ears, eyes. The foreign bodies which may enter the throat include coin, marble, seed, peanuts, fish bone etc. The foreign body may irritate the throat and the patient feels uncomfortable and complains of pain in the throat. 


  • Reassure the patient.
  • Make the patient sit in a comfortable position with their mouth downward.
  • Give a few blows on his shoulders until the foreign body is thrown out.
  • If the object does not come out, give him cooked potatoes, banana, soft rice or soft bread to eat. It will help the swallowed object to pass down.
  • Do not give purgatives.
  • Examine stools the next morning for the foreign body.
foreign body

What should do If an insect or foreign body is in the ear?

Ears are also a sensitive part of our body and sometimes some problems are create in the ear. Children may push foreign bodies like peas, grams, beads, buttons, pieces of stones or pieces of chalk etc. into their ears. An insect may also enter into the ear, if not removed may cause serious complications.


  • Put warm oil in the ear to float out the insect.
  • If unsuccessful then contact the doctor
  • Under no circumstances try to remove foreign body with a match stick, tweezers or hair pins etc. During this act the delicate membrane called the eardrum may be damaged.
foreign body

What should do If foreign body attack on the eye?

Eyes are the very sensitive part of our body. Sometimes foreign particles attacks on the eye. Often small particles of dust, wood, stone, coal, glass or an insect may get into the eyes and cause irritation, redness and watering in the eyes and vision may be blurred.


  • Make the patient sit in a chair.
  • Ask him not to rub the eyes.
  • Gently wipe the foreign body out with a wisp of cotton wool or with the folded comer of a clean handkerchief
  • Wash the eyes with warm water
  • Put eye drops.
  • Do not attempt to remove a foreign body lodged in the eye.
  • If strong acids have entered into the eyes wash it out by washing the eyes with a weak solution of sodium carbonate.
  • If strong alkalies have entered into the eyes wash it out by washing the eyes with vinegar solution.
  • If unsuccessful, take the patient to the doctor.
foreign body

What should you do If foreign body attack in the nose?

There are lots of problems create in the nose, in which nose bleeding is the main problem. Children may push foreign bodies like peas, grams, button stones or small coins into their nose. The patient feels uncomfortable and complains of pain and irritation in the nose. There may be bleeding if sharp object like pin, nail, needle or broken glass has been pushed into the nose.


  • Make the patient sneeze by using snuff or entering the end of a piece of thread in the opposite nostril. The foreign body may be expelled by sneezing.
  • If unsuccessful take the help of a doctor
  • Do not try to remove it with a pin or a hook.

Why do actors and actresses skin glow in old age also?

The skin of actors and actresses glow in old age also because of the use of the botox injections.

Botox is a protein made from Clostridium botulinum. Botox is used to enhance the beauty of muscles and skin. Botox is given for a specific purpose. Due to the chemical, it releases any type of blockage. Generally movies actors and actresses use this to prevent wrinkles or lines. Due to botox injections their skins glow in old age.

Also prevents wrinkles from coming early, helps you keep young. You can take it after 20 years. Botox is a good treatment for premature wrinkles or lines on your face due to old age.

Side effects of botox

Botox contains toxin and when toxin is applied in the muscle or muscle area, there is a fear of spreading it to other parts of the body as well. The most dangerous side effect of Botox is haddock. There is a risk of influenza syndrome along with breathing problems. There may be side effects like weakening of the nose, redness on the face and pain in the face.


What is cancer? types, and treatment

Cancer is a class of diseases that have the ability to spread and destroy other organs of the body along with the uncontrolled growth of cells. Most (90–95 percent) of cancer is due to the environment. The remainder (5 to 10 %) are determined genetically.


An tumor means abnormal growth of cells, which leads to a group of transformed cells. Which is called lump (lump). The main reasons for its formation are – the termination of the process that controls cell division and the genetic mutation against any traits in the genes (unit of heredity) present inside it.

Types of tumors

In general, tumors are of two typessputum (benign) which is mostly encapsulated and confined to one place. Other tumors are called malignant tumors, in which cells are transported to other parts of the body along with the non-decomposing cells (this process is called translocation or metastasis).


Radiotherapy is the use of high energy x rays to treat cancer.


What is diabetes? primary symptoms, types, and diet

Diabetes is the disease which cause due to excess level of glucose in body.
When insulin reaches the pancreas of our body, the level of glucose in the blood increases. This condition is called diabetes. Insulin is a hormone made by the digestive gland. Its function is to convert food inside the body into energy. This is the hormone that controls the amount of sugar in our body. In the case of diabetes, the body has difficulty in making energy from food. In this situation, the increased level of glucose starts damaging various organs of the body.

Types of diabetes

This disease is more in men than women. Diabetes is mostly due to hereditary and lifestyle deterioration. In this, hereditary type-1 and diabetes caused by irregular lifestyle are placed in type-2 category.

Those people fall under the first category, if any of the parents, grandparents in the family have diabetes, then the family members are more likely to get the disease. Also, if you reduce physical exertion, do not get enough sleep, have irregular eating and consume mostly fast food and sweet foods then the chances of getting diabetes increases.

Primary symptoms of diabetes
 – More thirsty
 – Reduced eye light
 – Any injury or wound healing
 – Itchy wounds on the hands, feet and genitals
 -But boils-eruptions
 – Irritability

Diet of diabetics patient

Diabetics should include bitter gourd, fenugreek, drumstick, spinach, turai, turnip, brinjal, parwal, gourd, radish, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, cabbage and leafy vegetables in their diet.

In fruits include berries, lemon, amla, tomato, papaya, melon, raw guava, orange, seasonal, nutmeg, pear. Mangoes, bananas, apples, dates and grapes should not be eaten because they are high in sugar.


What is typhoid? symptoms and rescue

Typhoid is waterborne, a disease caused by contaminated water, especially due to lack of cleanliness in the surroundings. It is a dangerous infectious disease that spreads due to bacteria called Salmonella typhi.

Symptoms of typhoid

High fever – Typhoid bacteria begin to increase in number after entering the body. The body raises its temperature to destroy them. Because of this, the sufferer feels fever. First it cools and then the temperature starts rising. This temperature reaches 103–104 Fahrenheit


  • Vaccination is present to prevent typhoid. But typhoid can still occur after vaccination many times. In such a situation, we should take special care of cleanliness around us.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap-water. Especially before eating or drinking anything.
  • Drink only drinking water.
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits during this season.
  • Do not consume cold and stale food. Eat fresh and hot food instead.


RO is beneficial or not?

RO removes everything and in the end what is left is pure liquid water, which contains no chemicals, minerals, pollutants and There is no TDS (total dissolved solids).

According to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, TDS displays concentrations of total things dissolved in water. TDS is made of inorganic salts, as well as a very small amount of organic matter. Water usually contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates.

The necessary minerals of the body are also removed from the water, so drinking such water for a long time can affect health.

How can control tds of water?
Now talking about TDS, many new water purification models with RO systems have TDS controller, with the help of which you can control the level of TDS according to your health needs.

If a person is deficient in calcium, they can set the TDS level in such a way that there is less calcium filter than water so that it gets clean but calcium-rich water.

Natural method to purify water
You can purify water by boiling process, In this method all harmful bacteria, chemicals are removed easily and mineral remains as well as.