What can do If foreign body is in the throat?

Foreign bodies can enters in the nose, ears, eyes. The foreign bodies which may enter the throat include coin, marble, seed, peanuts, fish bone etc. The foreign body may irritate the throat and the patient feels uncomfortable and complains of pain in the throat. 


  • Reassure the patient.
  • Make the patient sit in a comfortable position with their mouth downward.
  • Give a few blows on his shoulders until the foreign body is thrown out.
  • If the object does not come out, give him cooked potatoes, banana, soft rice or soft bread to eat. It will help the swallowed object to pass down.
  • Do not give purgatives.
  • Examine stools the next morning for the foreign body.

What should do If foreign body attack on the eye?

Eyes are the very sensitive part of our body. Sometimes foreign particles attacks on the eye. Often small particles of dust, wood, stone, coal, glass or an insect may get into the eyes and cause irritation, redness and watering in the eyes and vision may be blurred.


  • Make the patient sit in a chair.
  • Ask him not to rub the eyes.
  • Gently wipe the foreign body out with a wisp of cotton wool or with the folded comer of a clean handkerchief
  • Wash the eyes with warm water
  • Put eye drops.
  • Do not attempt to remove a foreign body lodged in the eye.
  • If strong acids have entered into the eyes wash it out by washing the eyes with a weak solution of sodium carbonate.
  • If strong alkalies have entered into the eyes wash it out by washing the eyes with vinegar solution.
  • If unsuccessful, take the patient to the doctor.

What should you do If foreign body attack in the nose?

There are lots of problems create in the nose, in which nose bleeding is the main problem. Children may push foreign bodies like peas, grams, button stones or small coins into their nose. The patient feels uncomfortable and complains of pain and irritation in the nose. There may be bleeding if sharp object like pin, nail, needle or broken glass has been pushed into the nose.


  • Make the patient sneeze by using snuff or entering the end of a piece of thread in the opposite nostril. The foreign body may be expelled by sneezing.
  • If unsuccessful take the help of a doctor
  • Do not try to remove it with a pin or a hook.