What is diabetes? primary symptoms, types, and diet

Diabetes is the disease which cause due to excess level of glucose in body.
When insulin reaches the pancreas of our body, the level of glucose in the blood increases. This condition is called diabetes. Insulin is a hormone made by the digestive gland. Its function is to convert food inside the body into energy. This is the hormone that controls the amount of sugar in our body. In the case of diabetes, the body has difficulty in making energy from food. In this situation, the increased level of glucose starts damaging various organs of the body.

Types of diabetes

This disease is more in men than women. Diabetes is mostly due to hereditary and lifestyle deterioration. In this, hereditary type-1 and diabetes caused by irregular lifestyle are placed in type-2 category.

Those people fall under the first category, if any of the parents, grandparents in the family have diabetes, then the family members are more likely to get the disease. Also, if you reduce physical exertion, do not get enough sleep, have irregular eating and consume mostly fast food and sweet foods then the chances of getting diabetes increases.

Primary symptoms of diabetes
 – More thirsty
 – Reduced eye light
 – Any injury or wound healing
 – Itchy wounds on the hands, feet and genitals
 -But boils-eruptions
 – Irritability

Diet of diabetics patient

Diabetics should include bitter gourd, fenugreek, drumstick, spinach, turai, turnip, brinjal, parwal, gourd, radish, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, cabbage and leafy vegetables in their diet.

In fruits include berries, lemon, amla, tomato, papaya, melon, raw guava, orange, seasonal, nutmeg, pear. Mangoes, bananas, apples, dates and grapes should not be eaten because they are high in sugar.