What is cancer? types, and treatment

Cancer is a class of diseases that have the ability to spread and destroy other organs of the body along with the uncontrolled growth of cells. Most (90–95 percent) of cancer is due to the environment. The remainder (5 to 10 %) are determined genetically.


An tumor means abnormal growth of cells, which leads to a group of transformed cells. Which is called lump (lump). The main reasons for its formation are – the termination of the process that controls cell division and the genetic mutation against any traits in the genes (unit of heredity) present inside it.

Types of tumors

In general, tumors are of two typessputum (benign) which is mostly encapsulated and confined to one place. Other tumors are called malignant tumors, in which cells are transported to other parts of the body along with the non-decomposing cells (this process is called translocation or metastasis).


Radiotherapy is the use of high energy x rays to treat cancer.